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Décolleté Lifting Concentrate

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Décolleté Lifting Concentrate - wrinkles are smoothed out, contours are defined and the skin is moisturized.
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Décolleté Lifting Concentrate

DÉCOLLETÉ LIFTING CONCENTRATE is a fast absorbing fluid - it helps to refine tiny creases and to tighten the contour of your décolleté for a more smoothed appearance.

DÉCOLLETÉ LIFTING CONCENTRATE is combining the power of two multi-active complexes with patented formulations, each proven to work effective for contouring and tightening the skin. The active complexes are able take effect into deeper areas of the skin where they support specific functions of cell metabolism and cell regulation to improve the skin texture for a more smoothed appearance.

DÉCOLLETÉ LIFTING CONCENTRATE is recommended by any first indications of a lacking firmness of the skin or weaker getting contours in the area of neck and décolleté. DÉCOLLETÉ LIFTING CONCENTRATE supports to maintain and to reshape a more tightened and attractive contoured décolleté.

Key Ingredients  How it works
Trimethylcyclohexyl Butylcarbamate Active contouring complex (SymFit) supports skin tightening and firming  
Caffeine  Caffeine 2%-concentrate stimulates circulation and metabolism; boosting effect with main active contouring complex
Paullina Cupuna Seed Extract Extract from guarana plant - supports to stimulate circulation and metabolism because of its theophylline and caffeine components
Carnitine Naturally occurring amino acid, supports skin tightening and reorganisation; and stimulates the skin metabolism 
Cysteic Acid Supports to improve the skin texture
Pantetheine Sulfonate Supports to improve skin contouring
Arginine Amino acid that has antioxidant properties and can be helpful for wound healing.


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