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Vitamin-A-C-E Elixir

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Vitamin A, C and E Elixir - regenerates your skin
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Vitamin A, C and E - the pure regeneration for the skin

In our Elixir Vitamin complex A, C and E we have used a synergistic combination of vitamins which has proven to work extremly effective as radical scavengers (antioxidants). The complex helps also to protect the skin from environmental damage while at the same time the complex supports the formation of new skin cells.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is truly one of the most effective antioxidants and active anti-aging ingredient which helps the skin to visibly apear softer, smoother and healthy. Deep in the skin Vitamin A promotes the bulding of collagen fibers and production of new skin cells, it also helps to restore the skin's elasticity for a youthful and healthy appearance.  Vitamin A als helps to alleviate any impurities and inflammations to the skin. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly potent anti-aging ingrendient which works effective against free radicals, it supports to strenghten the collagen texture and helps against skin irritations and pigment spots. The Vitamin C adds freshness and evenness to your complexion. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the regeneration vitamin of first choice. Vitamin E helps to stimulate the formation of new cells and thus helps to alleviate irritations and inflammations. Vitamin E also supports moisturizing the skin and to improves the skin's ability of water retention. The skin appears visibly more even, smoothed, well moisturized, healthy and clear. 

High effectiveness paired with optimal skin tolerance

Our elixirs are recipes devolped from ampoules used for professional treatment and not comparable to the most other convenent ampoules available in the market. Our elixirs are highest concentrations of a dedicated set of active ingredients intending to specifically treat what your skin or part of your skin needs. We are using this proven vitamin complex A, C and E since many years in our ampoules for cosmetic-mesotherapeutic treatment to regenerate the skin. 


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