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Detox Elixir

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Detox Elixir - for detoxification and strengthening the skin from deep
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Detox Elixir - instant help for your skin from deep

Our skin is like a house. If we do not clean and care it regularly, mountains of rubbish will form. Our skin feels similar stressed when it is exposed to hectic everyday stress, lots of coffee or big city air smoke.

Unfortunately our skin does not forgive anything, its memory is timeless. We can conceal sun damage, tiredness and signs of aging with a lot of make-up at short notice, pretending vitality and freshness. But at the latest when removing make-up, the skin shows its true face and it reacts increasingly sensitive and irritated. Every year it becomes greyer, drier, more blotchy and wrinkled.

Anyone suffering from tired and stressed skin should give a lot of attention to a proper skin care as our skin needs nothing more than pure essences without a lot of frills, chemicals and irritants.

So we have developed an elixir with active ingredients that are focusing on detoxifying, nourishing and strengthening the skin. Our elixir supports the skin to relieve from waste and to support it in its natural function. Our elixir acts like a kind of house cleaning, where garbage is disposed of, defects are repaired and dull areas are made to shine.

Excellent active ingredients in optimal concentration

The list of ingredients of our detox elixir is deliberately kept short. We do not need any fillers, auxiliary substances or additives to make us believe that the active ingredient density is high. Instead, we rely on the treasures from our nature by using plant based extracts in optimal concentration and combination.

Extracts from medicinal plants and algae are highly effective vital substances we can find as moisturizers, antioxidants and regenerative stimulators. That's all the skin needs to recover.

Key Ingredients                     How it works

Lepidum Sativum Sprout Extract (garden cress)

Garden cress is a plant that is extremely rich in nutrients and vital substances. Its high content of vitamins, trace elements and proteins as well as its extraordinarily high concentration of secondary plant substances enables it to
  •     stimulate the skin's blood circulation, metabolism and collagen formation
  •     neutralize free radicals
  •     to kill microbes, inhibit inflammation and speed up the healing of wounds
The cress extract also contains the purifying active ingredient Detoxophane, which supports the activation of the body's own detoxification system so that metabolites and toxins can be broken down in the cells. At the same time, the skin's resistance to negative environmental influences and reactive molecules is strengthened. Cell and DNA damage can thus be avoided and skin aging can be significantly delayed.

The sulforaphane of the extract has an antioxidative effect on the one hand and inhibits pigmentation on the other hand by suppressing the hormone α-MSH which is essential for the formation of melanin. Age and pigmentation spots are thus visibly bleached and renewed over-pigmentation is avoided.

The cress extract allows the skin to regenerate comprehensively and gives it a smooth, harmonious, fresh and refreshed glow.

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract

The freshwater alga Chlorella vulgaris is bursting with vital substances, some of which are even unique. Its ingredients act synergistically, i.e. the effect of each individual substance is enhanced. It contains all water- and fat-soluble vitamins, a large number of bioactive substances, minerals, trace elements and more. These are just a few of the substances of the algae that can support the health of our skin.

The effects of the algae on the skin are as numerous as the variety of substances, it
  • stimulates collagen formation, cell repair and renewal, repels free radicals and delays the skin aging process
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect and regulates the function of the sebaceous glands
  • strengthens the barrier function and resistance of the skin and normalises its moisture balance
  • ensures a balanced skin and energy metabolism, good blood circulation and sufficient oxygen supply
The extraordinarily highly concentrated chlorophyll of the algae serves as a so-called chelating agent, which removes toxins and metals from the cells and thus cleans and clarifies the skin. The chlorophyll is supported by the glycoproteins, sporopollein and carotenoids contained in the algae.

Due to its structural similarity to the haemoglobin of human blood, chlorophyll ensures a healthy oxygen supply and vitality of the skin. It increases the regenerative capacity of the cells as well as their protection against enzymatic (by pathogens) or oxidative destruction. As it has a very alkaline effect, it contributes to a balanced acid-base balance.

The astaxanthin in the algae extract is a 14 times stronger antioxidant than vitamin E and has been proven to prevent skin damage caused by UV light. It also prevents the formation of new veins that appear as dark shadows around the eyes.

The more than 30 saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in chlorella contribute to stable yet flexible cell walls. Some of the saturated fatty acids (e.g. capric and lauric acid) also act against bacteria and viruses. The carbohydrates, fats and proteins of the algae are not least welcome building blocks for defective structures.

All in all, chlorella supports detoxification, regeneration, protection and strengthening of the skin. It appears well moisturised, firmed and rosy.


Lecithin is a phospholipid that serves to stabilize and elasticize cell membranes. At the same time, it facilitates the absorption of nutrients into the skin. It is also able to bind moisture and is available to the cells as an energy source in times of stress. The energy production is also supported by the phosphate contained in lecithin.

Lecithin increases the intensity of breathing and the cell metabolism of the skin. Due to its refatting properties it counteracts dehydration. It regulates the pH value of the skin and supports the skin barrier against aggressive environmental influences. Skin diseases can be effectively alleviated by the high content of linoleic and linolenic acid in lecithin.
Caprylyl Glycol

Caprylyl Glycol saturates the skin with moisture and increases its elasticity. Thanks to this and its moisturising properties, the fabric ensures that the skin is well protected from drying out. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin becomes soft and supple. The fabric also has a strong antimicrobial effect by destroying the membrane of micro-organisms. Caprylyl Glycol is considered to be extremely skin-friendly.

Pentylen Glycol

Pentylene glycol is a bivalent alcohol with the function of preventing microorganisms from multiplying. Nevertheless, according to the German Cosmetic Decree pentylene glycol does not belong to the group of preservatives. The reason for this is its additional function as a moisturizer. Unlike many other alcohol compounds it does not dry out the skin but scores with its high water binding capacity. Thus it contributes to a good hydration of the skin, a healthy skin metabolism and a smoothing of the skin. In addition, it is able to increase the bioavailability of the other active ingredients of the elixir.

The skin appears significantly more radiant, plump, smooth and soothed. Pentylene Glycol works independently of the pH-value, is not sticky, is very well tolerated and shows no potential for irritation.


Glycerin is a trivalent alcohol which also has a multiple effect. On the one hand it keeps the moisture in the elixir (humectant), but also fixes the moisture from the product and the ambient air on the skin. In addition, glycerine itself provides moisture and thus has a double skin-moisturizing effect.

In contrast to other moisturizers, which only work on the surface, it penetrates deep into the uppermost skin layer (horny layer). This means that it is not washed out so easily. On the one hand, this results in a nice long-term effect and on the other hand, potentially skin damaging substances (such as tensides, emulsifiers) cannot dry out or irritate the skin for a while. It acts like a protective layer of its own, so to speak, which encloses the moisture in the skin.

On the other hand, glycerin is also effective against microorganisms by withdrawing part of the freely available water and thus preventing them from multiplying. It is so well tolerated by the skin that it can even be used for dermatological complaints (such as rough, cracked, inflamed or itchy skin).

Visible from the outside is a well moisturized, elastic and beautifully smooth skin which is well protected against dryness and irritation.

Critics often criticize that glycerin would dehydrate the skin in dry air and thus cause exactly the opposite of the desired effect. However, this only happens if the glycerin is too highly concentrated and the overall product contains too little moisture. This is not the case with our product.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is mainly used to regulate the pH value of the product, but also has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

The formulation of our elixir is further composed with phospholipids, which strengthen the barrier function and transport the substances to where they are needed.


Traumhaft! Ich hatte dieses Produkt zum ersten Mal von AgeAttraction als Ampulle geschenkt bekommen und nun als Elixir gekauft. Es durchfeuchtet so schön und man merkt richtig wie gut es tut. Mal wieder ein Highlight.



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