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Body Concentrate

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Secret Smoothing Concentrate - body contouring gel to act against the appearance of cellulite.
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SECRET SMOOTHING CONCENTRATE is an effervescent body contouring gel with a tangy scent of extracted grapefruit. The gel is absorbed instantly and has an invigorating effect. The skin feels instantly silky smooth and supple.

Secret Smoothing involves an innovative combination of two patented active ingredient complex with clinically proven multiple effect.

Secret Smoothing is composed with a tangy scent of extracted grapefruit - a stimulant for skin and soul.

Key Ingredients - How it works

SECRET SMOOTHING CONCENTRATE contains an innovative anti-cellulite active ingredient composition of two patented active ingredient complexes with clinically proven multiple effects.

The active ingredient complexes used in the composition help to reduce fat formation and to prevent the formation of new fat cells. At the same time, they support fat splitting (lipolysis) and thus accelerate fat burning.

Especially the reduction of fat cell size, which has been proven in a clinical test, can help to improve the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

The active complexes also support the targeted contouring and tightening of the skin.


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