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Argireline & Paracress Elixir

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Argireline & Paracress - instant effect against tired skin
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Argireline and paracress - sudden effect on radiance and freshness

When the skin looks tired or an important event is coming up, wouldn't you desire a fast-acting product that instantly makes your skin looking refreshed like as you'd have enjoyed a short vacation.

Our anti-wrinkle elixir gives the skin what it needs for an visible improvement if its radiance, freshness and elasticity while even the expression lines are reduced. Your skin appears fresh and radiant as if you'd have enjoyed a professional beauty treatments. Try and find out this truly luxury on the skin. 

Highly effective active ingredients with immediate effect and long-term action

Our Argireline & Paracress -Elixir contains the highly effective combination of Argireline and Paracress. Argireline is one of the most effective peptides while Paracress is considered as one of the most interesting and innovative plant based anti-wrinkle ingredients, as it has a similar yet clearly milder working mechanism as "botolinum toxin" which helps to act on the mechanisms responsible for wrinkle formation. The result is an immediately relaxed skin with a fresh and visibly recovered looking complexion.   

Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8) - 15%

Argireline is a kind of super-peptide often referred to with a similar mechanism of action to botulinumtoxin (Botox). The peptide's effectiveness is of course much less but it does not paralyze the muscles completely thus your skin will remain to look naturally. Argireline is well tolerated to the skin and does not cause any toxic reaction, this is why it is sometimes called - the gentle alternative to "Botox".  

Effectiveness shown by science

According to a user study conducted by the manufacturer with 10 women over 30 days, a 10% concentration of Argireline showed a reduction in wrinkle depth of 27% on average when applied twice over 30 days - and even up to over 50% at the maximum. The reason for this is that the active complex Argireline helps to reduce muscle contraction through taking action on an important messenger substance (neurotransmitter) which is involved in the mechanisms responsible for the formation of wrinkles. The result is a significantly relaxed facial expression - which looks completely natural and in no way "mask-like". 

Argireline also supports the formation of collagen and strengthens the connective tissue thus is smoothing wrinkles from within. 

Proof of efficacy for Argireline is shown in studies starting from a concentration of 2%. In our super-elixir we are using a concentration of 15% - which gives you an ultimate anti-wrinkle boost to the skin.

Paracress (Acmella Oleracea Extract) - 10%

The plant extract from the South-American paracress is undoubtedly one of our favorite ingredients because it corresponds to the latest state of the art in cosmetic research. A natural active ingredient that visibly smoothes expression lines in record time. 

The plant-based active complex precisely targets the mechanism responsible for the formation of expression lines. The active ingredient also helps to visibly reduce and smooth unwanted facial features such as crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyebrows and nasolabial folds. After all, these wrinkles result from thousands of involuntary micro-contractions of the facial muscles. The so called spilanthol contained in the active complex helps to improve relaxation on facial muscles. 

A studies have shown the effect on muscle relaxation depends on the concentration of use. While usual use concentrations are bewtween 2-5% - we have a concentration of 10% in our super-Elixir.  

As a result of reduced muscle contraction, wrinkles can be visibly reduced while the skin immediately appears smoother and firmer. Paracress helps to provide an immediate more youthful and radiant appearance. 

High effectiveness paired with optimal skin tolerance

Our elixirs are recipes devolped from mesotherapeutic-ampoules used for professional cosmetic treatments and therefore not comparable to the most other ampoules you may find in the market. Our elixirs are designed as a dedicated complex with active ingredient in utmost high concentrations to target a specific need of your skin or part of your skin and where it is exactly needed which is often deeper under the skin.

We are using this proven complex of argireline and paracress since many years in our ampoules for almost many of your cosmetic-mesotherapeutic treatments.


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