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Wonder Pearls Youthing Minerals for an impeccably beautyful complexion

Wonder Pearls Youthing Minerals is a decidedly upmarket mineral powder with the concealing power of a foundation. At the same time it has an anti-ageing effect thanks to the pearl powder it contains.

Age Attraction Youthing Minerals is a facial powder based on minerals that leaves nothing to be desired.

Effect / Active Ingredients

Valuable minerals and coated pigments make the skin look firmer, more youthful and flawless. A special effect built into the powder adds a touch of glamour to the perfect complexion: light-diffusing pigments visually diminish the effect of fine lines and wrinkles. Wonder Pearls imparts a silky-smooth, velvety and luxurious feel to the skin.

The Secret of Wonder Pearls Excellence

The secret of our mineral powder are its high-purity ingredients which make the skin appear even and flawless, as well as the pearl extract it contains which simultaneously nurtures and protects the skin.

First Anti-Aging Mineral Powder with Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder slows down the skin’s natural ageing process and preserves the youthful and fresh appearance of the complexion. This effect is chiefly brought about by the special ingredients of the pearl powder which contains 20 vitally important amino acids and numerous trace elements. Additionally, pearl powder has a remarkably beneficial effect on the skin, boosting its health and facilitating regeneration of skin cells.