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MESO LASER Electroporation with Lasersystem (rejuvenation)

MESO | LASER is the most advanced non-invasive system which combines high pulse electroporation technology for transdermal drug delivery with a powerful laser  system and opens a new era for a larger group of professionals by using a non-invasive yet effective way to conduct a wide variety of esthetic-medical treatments

Electroporation for Increased Skin Permeability

Electroporation or Virtual Meso-therapy is a biomedical technology, which by using high voltage currents can make the cell membrans permeable, thus allowing the introduction of medication, homeopatic substances, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes

Esthetic Laser to rejuvenate the Skin

This high-performance impulse laser system does not damage the tissue but deeply stimulates the skin cells and activates all metabolic processes to reorganize the collagen matrix, fibroblast and to induce cell reactivation.

The red laser light (wavelenghts 635 - 785nm) takes ef-fect on the top skin layers, invisible pulsed infrared light (wave lengt 904nm) guarantees a high penetration in deeper layers of the skin.

MESO I LASER is the only one electroporation system with specific presets for hair, face and body treatments. The unique combination with the laser therapy system works in synergy to strenght both effects and the benefits of such treatments are boosted.


Electroporation - High Pulse Technology

Energy Source: Proprietary high voltage pulsed waveform.
Output Options: Integrated output for face, body and hair
Power Adjustment: Digital adjustment 0-Max
Timer: Build-in 1-20 Min digital timer (1 Min intervals)
Electrical: 110/220 V 60/50 Hz
Manufactured: DIN ISO 13485
Presets: 3 presets for face, body and hair



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