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Elektroporation - Maximum Gain Without Pain

Meso-Electroporation increases the skin permeability allowing improved passage for medication, homeopathic substances, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

For past 60 years, aesthetic and medical professionals have been using multiple micro injections to transfer medications, vitamins, minerals and enzymes into the dermal layer or fat cells. Now, mesoporation using innovative Electroporation technology allows you to conduct the same treatments but in a non-invasive, highly effective manner.

Our skin has a natural protective layer called the stratum corneum. This is a matrix of dead cells that create a barrier against penetration. The goal of "virtual mesotherapy" and electoporation is to make it more permeable for non-invasive and painless medical and cosmetic treatments.

Electroporation is one of the most advanced non invasive method for transdermal skin delivery. The increased permeability of the skin is caused by an electrical field generated by pulsed, non-thermal and non-ionisable electromagnetic waves. Enhanced uptake is believe to be facilitated by the special electric pulses leading to the formation of ultramicropores that increase the cutaneous permeability, specifically in the stratum corneum.

Electroporation Technology for Maximum Gain

Electroporation technology is different to traditional electrophoresis or iontophoresis systems which are used often in the market by using currents and claiming comparable effects. The NEW electroporation concept differs from Electrophoresis, Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis.

Iontophoresis: is a non-invasive method of propelling high concentrations of a charged substance, normally medication or bioactive-agents, transdermally by repulsive electromotive force using a small electrical charge applied to an iontophoretic chamber containing a similarly charged active agent and its vehicle. To clarify, one or two chambers are filled with a solution containing an active ingredient and its solvent, termed the vehicle. The positively charged chamber, termed the cathode will repel a positively charged chemical, whilst the negatively charged chamber, termed the anode, will repel a negatively charged chemical into the skin.

Phonophoresis: is the use of ultrasound to enhance the delivery of topically applied drugs. Phonophoresis has been used in an effort to enhance the absorption of topically applied analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents through the therapeutic application of ultrasound.



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