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Aesthetic Laser - rejuvenates the skin

This high-performance laser system does not damage the tissue but deeply stimulates the skin cells and activates all metabolic processes to reorganize the collagen matrix, fibroblast and to induce cell reactivation.

The red laser light (wavelenghts 635 - 785nm) takes effect on the top skin layers whereas invisible pulsed infrared light (wavelengt 904nm) guarantees a high penetration in deeper layers of the skin.

The medical impact of these therapy lasers - as Endre Mester and many others after him have observed - is often referred to as biostimulating effect.

High Quality Laser System (enhancement to electroporation)

Laser Class 3B
Timer 1-5 Min / 90 Sec acupunture
Pulse Frequency 100 Hz (1%) - 10.000 Hz (100%)
Manufactured DIN ISO 13485


Preset 1: Aesthetic Laser - Red Light

The red-light laser shower is recommended for many aesthetic treatments and combines 3 appropriate wavelenghts from 635- 785nm that take effect on the top skin layers.

Twelve (12) powerful laser diodes provide a current wave of 500mW (max power).

  • Four (4) red light laser diodes (wavelengt 635nm)
  • Six (6) red light laser diodes (wavelengt 655nm)
  • Two (2) red light laser diodes (wavelengt 785nm)
Diodes 4 x Laser Diodes 6 x Laser Diodes 2 x Laser Diodes
Wavelenghts 635 nm 655 nm 785 nm
Impulse Output each 25 mW (max) each 45 mW (max) each 65 mW (max)
Impulse Current (CW) Current (CW) Current (CW)


Preset 2: Pulsed Laser - Infrared Light

This large laser shower enables the aesthetic treatment of large areas and combines two wavelenghts.

Six (6) super-pulsed (IR) infrared light laser diodes (wavelengt 904nm) work like a flashlight and due to its pulse range of only 200 ns and impulse output of each diode up to 120 W allow guarantee a high penetration in deeper layers of the skin.

Six (6) red laser diodes (wavelenght 670nm) take effect on the top skin layers.

Diodes 6 Laser Diodes (GaAs) 6 IR Diodes
Wavelenghts 904nm 670nm
Impulse Output each up to 120 W (max) each 5mW
Impulse Time 200nsec current


Preset 3: Laser Acupuncture

The ergonomically shaped light pen enables the treatment of selected therapy areas with concentrated outputs. This super-pulsed laser diode works like a flashlight and due to its pulse range of only 200 ns and impulse output of up to 90 W allows for a high degree of tissue penetration.

The integrated pilot light allows for a spot-on treatment with highest precision. This is a particular advantage in laser acupuncture.

Diodes 1 Laser Diodes (GaAs)
Wavelenghts 904nm
Impulse Output up to 90 W (max)
Impulse Time 200nsec



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