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MESO LASER - Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Treatment

MESO LASER is one of the most advanced aesthetic transdermal delivery systems by using a high pulsed electroporation technology combined with a powerful aesthetic Laser Therapy System.

MESO LASER technology system takes advantage of two powerful technologies that are working in synergy whereby both effects can be improved and the benefits of the treatments are boosted.

Meso Laser is the perfect daily equipment to enhance your professional treatments for a variety of professional aesthetic applications:

MESO LASER - High Performance Laser Therapy System

Contrary to the so called 'hard lasers' which are used in surgery or cosmetics to remove hair or tattoos, the lasers used and allowed to use for aesthetic treatments are lower-output laser which do not damage the tissue but stimulates the skin cells. The maximum laser power is limited to 500mW - this maximum power is used by Age Attraction Aesthetic Meso Laser systems.

Please note that the laser power is an important technical feature which directly relates to the time required to induce specific amount of energy (Joule) within a treatment session.



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