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Cosmeceutical Skincare range in touch with Nature

Discover cour luxury csomeceutical skincare range for a visibly beautiful skin. We are delighted to introduce you to our innovative comeceutical skincare range Age Attraction. With Age Attraction we successfully developed a near-natural, high-tech line of cosmeceuticals which relies on active-ingredients to achieve

  • maximum anti-aging effects and at the same time the
  • best possible compatibility with your skin

This extraordinary skincare range unites highly-effective anti-ageing ingredients with plant-based ingredients and skincare components, meaningfully combined for maximum effectiveness, thereby setting new yardsticks for modern-day anti-aging treatments.

Our high-tech combinations of thoroughly researched active ingredients, such as stem cells, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, coenzymes and exquisite botanical substances provide an unparalleled experience for the skin, delivering instant firming and long-term skin renewal effects.

Our products contain these precious ingredients in concentrations which are significantly higher compared to many other even expensive skincare lines.

Because we use so-called airless dispensers the efficacy of our ingredients is maintained to their very last, which is why we are able to keep the low levels of preservatives to a minimum. One of principle we strictly adhere to in the formulation of Age Attraction is to leave out any ingredient which may cause stress to the skin. All our products have been tested for skin compatibility and are extremely gentle.

The results are visible already after just a few treatments. Applied over a longer term it will cause the skin rejuvenate, it will look better toned, firmer and younger. All Age Attraction products are free from parabens, paraffin oils, vaseline, silicone fluid, colourings, synthetic perfume oils / volatile fragrances and animal raw materials.

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