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Mission Statement & Product Highlights

Age Attraction is a German based manufacturer of an outstanding product range for medical-aesthetic products. Our product range combines medical-aesthetic equipments, aesthetic mesotherapy serums and a high quality cosmeceutical range specifically designed to deliver enhanced results for professional aesthetic treatments.

Meso Laser - Electroporation & Impulse Laser System

MESO I LASER is one of the most advanced aesthetic transdermal delivery systems by using a high pulsed electroporation technology combined with a powerful aesthetic Laser Therapy System.

MESO I LASER technology system takes advantage of two powerful technologies that are working in synergy whereby both effects can be improved and the benefits of the treatments are boosted. Meso I Laser is the perfect daily equipment to enhance your professional treatments for a variety of professional aesthetic applications:

Aesthetic Mesotherapy Serums

Age Attraction mesotherapy ampoules and formulations are specifically designed in outstanding high concentrations of active substances without the need of preservation and additives for improved tolerance. Our outstanding product range of highly effective active substances allows you to combine the benefits of traditional mesotherapy with aesthetic needle-free transdermal delivery systems.

Luxury Skin Care

With Age Attraction we successfully developed a cosmetic line which is based on active substances in high concentrations to achieve a maximum of anti-aging effectiveness.

This extraordinary skincare range unites highly-effective anti-ageing ingredients with plant-based ingredients and skincare components, meaningfully combined for maximum effectiveness, thereby setting new yardsticks for modern-day anti-aging treatments. Our high-tech combinations of thoroughly researched active ingredients and exquisite botanical substances provide an unparalleled experience for the skin, delivering instant firming and long-term skin renewal effects.

Our cosmeceutical products contain these precious ingredients in concentrations which are significantly higher compared to many other even expensive skincare lines. 

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